• Analysis and Planning

    We are fully aware that business dynamics needs movement, information flow and spaces which foster interaction. We also believe that adequate physical spaces cause a positive impact on a company’s social, cultural and economic aspect.
    In this sense, we think that projects must be developed according to the clients’ specific requirements and each space is created focused on individual objectives and challenges.

  • Architecture Projects

    Our aim is to build spaces and buildings which create a new image capable of inspiring, motivating and promoting production, creativity and people’s interactions.
    Our systematic vision allows us to offer comprehensive solutions, planning each step of the process in order to guarantee costs and set deadlines.

    > Consulting and planning of new space strategies
    > Feasibility
    > Corporate guidelines

  • Interior design

    Interior design does not exist in itself. It arises from the building, its nature, space, shape and users.
    Interior spaces want to represent and reveal in a loyal way what they are. They want to become the architecture of the building and the ones who inhabit it, expanding the possibilities to the maximum level, creating a feeling of contemplation through a dialogue among the elements that compose it.

  • Construction sites management

    We are in charge of the control and surveillance of the construction sites’ general development, in order to guarantee the contract compliance, respecting technical specifications, fulfilling security and hygiene norms and effective solutions in case of eventualities.

    Coordination and assistance in bidding and recruiting proceedings

  • Relocation management

    A company’srelocation is always a complex process which has direct impact on decision taking, information flow and psychological effect on employees. It is essential that this process is carried out in a clear and efficient framework, involving all the stages; since the initial planning until the internal communication and users' constant assistance.

    > Integrative planning
    > In situ coordination and supervision
    > Internal communication/change management